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Should your wedding be affected by COVID 19 we will amend your wedding date as many times as is required free of charge.


Rebooking process


We have been very successful in rebooking weddings where couples have a broad scope of alternative dates and have worked closely with suppliers to find an alternative date which all suppliers can attend. We recommend that all couples take this approach and explore as many dates as is needed in order to rebook successfully with all suppliers.


Booking fee


The booking fee is chargeable to reserve your date, turn away other business and partake in day to day administration associated with planning for your wedding, these are services provided during the lead up to the wedding. Should you cancel the wedding all together or chose an alternative date which we cannot attend, our booking fee of £295 will subsequently not be refunded as our services will have already been provided which are proportional to the fee, however, no further payments will be due regardless of cancellation notice and the terms and conditions document will be cancelled between us.




In line with our business ethics to operate in a morally correct fashion with a fair and sensitive approach, where couples have worked tirelessly with us to find an alternative date that we can attend, have been unable to find a solution owing to circumstances outside of their control, where the primary issue has then transitioned towards our lack of availability for multiple date offerings and the couple has exhausted all other options, exceptions for refunding a proportional amount of the booking fee can be made depending on the circumstances, however, we reserve the right to decide if this is appropriate or not.


Contract adaptation


Ordinarily, if cancellations were to happen within 30 or 60 days of the date a percentage of the final balance would be due to cover our loss of business at short notice, however, in light of the current situation with COVID we acknowledge that sometimes the rules change with little to no notice so we are currently waiving this clause in our contract for situations arising from COVID 19.


Additional payment refunding


We do not allow additional payments to be made above the booking fee until one week prior to the wedding, any additional payments over the booking fee made during the one week lead up will be refunded if the wedding is postponed or cancelled by the couple because of COVID. If the wedding is postponed or cancelled owing to other circumstances the normal contractual arrangements will apply.


Cancellation by us


In the unlikely event (this has never happened) that we need to cancel your booking owing to an issue on our part, all monies paid including the booking fee will be refunded immediately.


We are confident that whatever may come our way we will be able to work hard with you to adapt, overcome and reorganise your special day, that is our promise to you as your trusted supplier in these uncertain times. 

                                                                                                     Thank you