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A Bit about me

Warren - Wedding Videographer


Business Owner, Creative Director & Film Maker

Greetings! I'm Warren, based in Newhaven and serving as the creative director for Prodrone Videography, thanks for stopping by.


For me, delving into the art of capturing memories through video has always been more than just a profession; it's a heartfelt passion. The realisation struck me deeply as I witnessed the growth of my own children, understanding that memories are the only treasures we truly own. Contemplating how we perceive and preserve these significant moments became a profound contemplation for me. I hold the belief that the way we encapsulate memories is crucial, as memories may fade, but in this age of technology, we have the means to defy that natural process.

With nine years of dedicated experience across over 250 weddings and never in those nine years failing to deliver anything but the very best, I take pride in thinking that I've made a meaningful impact on people's lives, I've certainly made some close friends along the way and met some absolutely amazing people and heard incredible stories. Creating something that serves as a timeless reminder of what truly matters, combating the gradual fade of memories and safeguarding them against the erosion of time, is something I find immensely significant. It's easy to forget, easy to become complacent, easy to forget to cherish the moments, easy to forget to preserve. This is why I do what I do and the journey has been highly rewarding, especially when entrusted with the responsibility of capturing such pivotal moments for couples, hearing and reading all the lovely feedback, It's the best feeling and I honestly love what I do.


There's an indescribable joy in putting in the effort, both before, during, and after the wedding day, to craft the very best memories for my couples – memories that hold immeasurable value. I eagerly anticipate learning all about your own wedding plans and the opportunity to contribute to the cherished moments of your special day!

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