Here is a list of my tried and tested supplier friends, people I feel very confident in recommending for your wedding day 




Sara is based in Brighton, I have done many many weddings with Sara and we are extremely in tune and accustomed to doing amazing things with weddings. she is super fun, bubbly and very laid back yet organized and professional, she creates unique, beautiful well-timed memories, she always seems to be in the right place at the right time, a true asset to any wedding day, how this lady makes group pictures so fun is a talent purely unique to Sara.

Joanna is famous for her creative night time photography, she is super friendly, very professional, DBS checked and fun to be around. Her work is extremely high quality, creative and of a unique style, highly recommended

Richard is perfect for all budgets when it comes to weddings, and for that, you get a highly professional yet super chilled and fun man with a great eye for a fantastic shot, I love Richards edited pictures, so vibrant and alive. Highly recommended



I met James at a wedding I was working at, I was blown away by his equipment and attention to detail with his services. This man knows how to get a party started. Highly recommended










Joanna Cleeve Photography

Richard Paice Photography

Darren Buss Photography

Sara Reeve Photography